Adverbs of frequency – наречия частоты

simpsonsЗдравствуйте дорогие читатели сегодня я подготовил урок английского № 38. Этот урок английского посвящен Adverbs of frequency – наречиям частоты. Зачем нужны adverbs of frequency? Наречия частоты используются чтоб показать частоту использования некого действия:

0% never

15% rarely

30% not often

50% sometimes

65% often

80% usually

100% always

  • Adverbs of frequency often use with the Present Continuous
  • They go before the main verb – используются перед главным глаголом, but after the verb to be, но после глагола to be:

I usually go to work at 10.00

I dont often go swimming in the gym

She never eats vegetables because she likes meat

I rarely see Petu these year

He is never late to eat smth.

Im not usually in a hurry in the morning and evening.

  • Sometimes and usually can also come at the beginning or the end.

Sometimes we play poker with a friends = We play poker with a friends sometimes.

Usually I go shopping with friends because i havent money = I go shopping with friends usually.

*Помните изучая английскую грамматике, не забывайте об орфографии, она важна также как и грамматика!

  • Never, always, rarely, and seldom (с англ. редко) cannot move in the way. не могут использоваться в начале предложения

Never I go to the cinema//Always i have eat vegetables at the morning – неправильно

  • Everyday, everynight, everymorning, everyyear и т.д используются в конце (goes at the end)

He phones Potter and Petigru every day at the evening after casting.

Papa take me to the Disneyland every year.

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